Hello 你好

. I love to write, beautifully .

. Get your card personalized, with LOVE .

About 女 少

Sharing my passion in Chinese Hanzi.

I love to write, beautifully.

Practicing alphabets too, if that is what you’re looking for.

“女 少”,由我的名字里的“妙”字結構拆開再組合而成。


透過單純的手寫字和手繪圖,每一個誠意祝福, 都獨一無二。


Events collaboration  活动合作

Live calligraphy service  现场手写服务

Personalized calligraphy designs for occasions  客制化手写设计

Personalized watercolor portraits/paintings  客制化水彩人像/绘画

Workshops  中文手写字工作坊